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Best USB-C UK in-ear Headphones: For Android devices

Written by  Alex Holmes Jan 05, 2018

With Apple's decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone, some Android phone manufacturers have also opted for USB-C audio instead.

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Using a digital connection can help improve audio quality, as headphone could be made with dedicated DACs integrated into them, such as the Audeze Sine and iSine that use the Lightning port on the iPhone. It also allows phones to be made thinner, use less connectors and to be made waterproof more easily.

We've rounded up the best pairs we can find so far.


Libratone Q-Adapt In-ear USB-C - Best USB-C in-ear Headphones

Libratone already has a pair of Q-Adapt in-ear headphones for the iPhone and has now announced a pair with a USB-C connector too. They claim to be made specifically for the Google Pixel 2 and fall under the "Made for Google" program.

They're sweatproof, so can be used when exercising, have in-line controls for controlling music playback and even have a noise-cancellation mode when taking phone calls with power coming directly from the USB-C port. They should be available from the Google Store soon for £129.


JBL Reflect Aware C - Best USB-C in-ear Headphones

The JBL Reflect Aware C were launched in 2016 as the first pair of USB Type-C headphones to feature noise-cancelling technology. Like the Libratone pair above, and their Lightning-enabled sibling, the Reflect Aware C are designed for sports use, so are fully sweatproof.

They have an adaptable sound mode that can let in some ambient sounds, helpful when you're exercising outdoors and a reflective cable so you can let others know you're there when out in the dark (see current price).


Xiaomi Mi Noise-cancelling USB-C headphones - Best USB-C in-ear Headphones

Xiaomi is best known for making high-spec phones at affordable prices. The Chinese manufacturer also makes headphones, including this pair of noise-cancelling in-ears with a USB-C connector. Like the other pairs in this list with noise-cancellation, power comes directly from the phone so there's no bulky battery pack. They promise high-quality and detailed music reproduction, while the titanium plated casing make them durable.

They have an in-line control module, but this only works with select Xiaomi devices. The noise-cancellation feature will work with other select Android phones with a USB-C connection. You can pick the Xiaomi Mi Noise-cancelling USB-C headphones up for around £32 (see current price).

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