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The All Now TV Smart Stick: Will Compete Directly With The Amazon Fire Stick

Written by  Jan 26, 2018

A new Now TV streaming device is being released in the UK soon. Surprisingly the Now TV Streaming Smart Stick is the firm’s first move away from the set-top, offering an interesting and cheaper alternative to Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

But what’s so special about it Well, I drew the short straw and it’s my job to help you find out. Below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the Now TV Streaming Smart Stick (I’ll be calling it the Smart Stick from now on), including UK release date, price and fancy features.

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UK price and release date: Now TV Streaming Smart Stick

The Now TV Smart Stick launches in the UK for just £15 later this year. Alas, we have no firm release date just yet, but I will update this article as and when we hear more official details.

But the Smart TV Stick is a good deal cheaper than its media streamer competition. Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is yours for £40 for instance, and Roku’s Express Streaming Player currently costs £29 or Roku's Streaing Stick+ for £70. The latter, of course, isn’t limited to using Sky’s selection of apps, so you can also use it to stream Netflix and Amazon Video.


Features: Now TV Streaming Smart Stick

The Now TV Smart Stick comes with a Wi-Fi remote, which includes a similar voice-search feature to Amazon’s recent Fire TV Stick and the Apple TV. What’s more, you can also pause TV on all of Now TV’s live channels, a feature that was previously limited only to lengthy Sky premium TV contracts.

Now TV is also launching a handful of improvements to its streaming service before the end of the year. From spring, you’ll be able to download Now TV shows and movies directly to your smartphone or tablet. The company says that this feature will be available for kids' content first, so don’t expect to watch Teen Mom or The Blacklist offline anytime soon.

And – perhaps most importantly – all Now TV passes will be available to stream in Full HD by the end of the year. Being forced to stream only in 720p has always been one of the services’ biggest criticisms, and while it might not sound like a big deal in 2018, it’s exciting that the cheaper streaming service is no longer lagging behind Sky’s premium TV contracts.

Early verdict: Now TV Streaming Smart Stick

Now TV’s beloved streaming service isn’t a stranger to UK homes, but it was never flawless. 2018 is set to be a big year for the service, with Full HD streaming, the ability to pause live TV and a new media streamer to rival the dominance of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

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