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Google Wifi three-pack comes to UK, much better coverage for large homes

Written by  Mar 12, 2018
Google has announced that it will be selling its mesh Wi-Fi system in a new three-pack from tomorrow, 13th March.

Already available in the US, the Google Wifi three-pack is a cost effective way of ensuring decent Wi-fi coverage in a large home.

A single Google Wifi and pack of two have been available for a year, which are suitable for small and middle-to-large homes respectively. Previously, you had to purchase a two-pack and additional single unit for a better spread.

Google Wifi is a mesh network solution whereby one acts as the main unit, plugged into your modem or router, with the others then working as slaves. You place them around your home and they work with each other to ensure your Wi-Fi coverage is even and without holes.

It effectively means you can walk from one zone to another without your device losing connection, it automatically picks up the strongest signal without you even noticing.

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Set-up is also easy, with the entire system working through an Android or iOS application. And because the system is smart, it intelligently adjusts signals and bands to adapt to the needs of your home and resolves any possible conflicts itself.

In addition, you can set parental controls in the app that can pause internet connection for specific devices - such as a child's - when you want them to do something else instead.

The Google Wifi three-pack will cost £329 and will be available from Google.com. The single unit and two-pack are available for £129 and £229 respectively.


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