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No Man's Sky Next Update Introduces Multiplayer in July

Written by  May 25, 2018
Earlier this week, the Xbox One box art for No Man's Sky gave us a huge clue that the NEXT update might include multiplayer. After appearing on Microsoft's Inside Xbox show, Sean Murray has confirmed that multiplayer is indeed heading to the procedurally generated universe when the update arrives on 24th July.

Murray describes No Man's Sky's multiplayer experience as "fun, funny, emergent, and kind of intense". You'll be able to group up with your friends and explore the galaxy together, but you can also bump into strangers along the way. The multiplayer will incorporate with all the aspects of No Man's Sky's gameplay, so survival, base building, racing land vehicles, and engaging in space combat will all be playable together. Also, as the universe is shared, any bases you build can be visited by other players. By the sound of it, you'll be able to attack as well as co-operate, if that's your thing.

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It sounds like another meaty update for the game, but will players who have had their fill of No Man's Sky go back for multiplayer? Will you be testing out this new offering in July? 


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