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Hours of updates on my Macbook Pro: Sound familiar?

Written by  Paul Phillips May 28, 2018

Why on earth do they take so long, 2.25gb just for iMovies and hours of waiting just to run my Macbook Pro.

My main operating system is Linux MInt, which is fast, reliable and rock solid. I tend to use around 30 internet browsers screens at the same time as I run several websites and update them regularly. Linux just works and I do updates whenever prompted with the occasional required reboot.

I also use Windows 10 Professional which is also reliable, it does require larger updates than Linux and does take longer, but it's no real hassle and works as it should with little fuss.

However, I also own an Apple Macbook Pro 2010 that I haven't switched on used for about 2 months, it's a bit of toy to be honest, I just use it for playing music in the background and Youtube viewing. I always wanted a Mac and treated myself for the hell of it.

But, switching it back on and doing the required updates and also updating a few apps was quite a shock. I took over 4 hours just to the updates with a fast broadband connection. Having to keep on inputting my Apple ID was slightly frustrating but I understand that from a security point of view.

If Linux and Microsoft can update their operating systems with the latest bug fixes and security updates in a reasonable length of time, often working in the background why can't Apple?


There is no choice but to keep on restarting the Apple OS which at present is Sierra, I thinks it took about four restarts, I forget exactly as I was so bored waiting for them. If memory serves me correctly Unix rarely required reboots and would run off the cuff. So why does Mac OS require all these reboots and why do they take so long.

Apple Mac OS's were reasonably quick and trouble free now they are ridiculously cumbersome and take far too long.

Apple seen to have lost their way when it comes to the users and do little to justify the exceptionally large updates.

Do I stick with this OS or just sell it and save myself the hassle?


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