What it’s like to use Snapchat Spectacles

What it’s like to use Snapchat Spectacles

So Spectacles are extremely easy to use –  press a button and it records.

It feels like it will be second nature for people who wear them consistently. There’s no friction, very simple.

Watching the footage back just feels like watching a memory because of the wide-angle lens. It’s similar to a GoPro (obviously lower resolution), but it also removes the camera from being in front of what you are looking at. So in a way, you get more of the real experience and it removes the phone from being in front of your face, too.

If you’re at a concert or the beach or wherever, there is nothing between you and the moment. Friction is gone, and the moment is much more raw and real, which has always lent itself better to Snapchat vs. Instagram, etc.

Snap is smart to have made it a toy and relatively affordable. Even on their Twitter account they are retweeting people making fun of it. They’re keeping it light, not taking themselves seriously (look at the vending machine for the Spectacles) and just having fun. That removes any stigma, as it should be about fun anyway – which is where Google Glass failed in part.

The potential of the tech is what is really fascinating: imagine an iteration or two from now where the camera is always recording and buffering and you press the button to save what you just saw. You don’t always have a camera on you to capture moments that happen or it’s too late by the time you pull your phone out, but in theory you could always just press a button to lock down a moment.

These buffers exist in cameras used for news/documentaries/etc. That hardware basically just has a set amount of storage that constantly records (if you have the setting turned on), and when whatever moment happens you’re waiting to capture, you just press record and it’s saved. That could lead some to picture to the scary dystopian future often seen in movies, of cameras everywhere recording everything all the time, but in reality i think we are probably headed in that direction regardless.

Spectacles are designed as a toy and made for fun, and that’s the way a lot of good tech starts out. Time will tell how much they stick, but the way Snap seems to be handling this rollout feels good. They aren’t taking themselves too seriously and that makes people more comfortable with the product and their vision as a camera company.

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