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Best Lightning Headphones 2017 for iPhones UK

Written by  Nov 06, 2017

Since the release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple's smartphone range has been void of a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It means to listen to music on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus or even the iPhone X, you either need a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones, or a pair of Lightning headphones.

Lightning headphones, naturally, plug into the Lightning port and are capable of receiving lossless stereo 48kHz digital audio output from Apple devices and sending mono 48kHz digital audio input. They can also draw power from an Apple device (even if the device is asleep).

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Apple's Lightning port can also support headphones with integrated digital-to-analogue converters (DACs) and amplifiers, so audio travelling through the Lightning port will pass into the headphones digitally, thus avoiding typical analogue signal interferences you get with other headphones.

We've picked some of the best pairs of Lightning headphones that are all available at Amazon UK, comprising over-ear and in-ear models, at a variety of price points.

Audeze Sine

See the Audeze Sine on Amazon.co.uk

The Audeze Sine are a pair of on-ear Lightning headphones, that we've had the pleasure of listening to. Like the EL-8 Titanium below, the Sine have a 24-bit DAC integrated into the cable for high-resolution audio, and also have planar magnetic drivers to help keep distortion at bay. We couldn't fault the Sine when we reviewed them, so if it's the best Lightning headphones you're after, look no further than these £449 on-ears.

Audeze EL-8 Titanium

See the audeze EL-8 Titanium on Amazon.co.uk

They're not cheap at around £700, but the Audeze EL-8 Titanium are sure to give you a fantastic sound from their combination of planar magnetic drivers and a dedicated DAC integrated into the cable. The DAC bypasses the iPhone's internal one and so is capable of handling high-resolution audio, whether it be from a streaming service or local files.

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Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature

See the B&W P9 Signature on Amazon.co.uk

B&W's Signature line represents the very best the company can produce, and the P9 over-ear headphones are no different. While on the outside they show off the finest Italian leather, it's inside the ear cups where the magic really happens. They're tuned by the same audio engineers who made the company's high-end 800 D3 loudspeakers, and the drivers are angled slightly towards the ear to make them sound closer to you. They're not limited to being used with the iPhone however, as B&W simply supplies a Lightning cable alongside the regular 3.5mm, but you can expect to pay around £699.

Philips M2L

See the Philips M2L on Amazon.co.uk

The Philips M2L lay claim to being the very first pair of Lightning headphones available to buy. Like other pairs that connect via the Lightning port, the M2L can deliver hi-res 24-bit audio through the 40mm high magnetic intensity neodymium drivers. We haven't been able to give them a listen, but based on Philips' other headphones efforts, we have no doubt that they will sound great, and they're affordable at £165.

Libratone Q-Adapt in-ear

See the Libratone Q-Adapt on Amazon.co.uk

Libratone's Q Adapt in-ear Lightning headphones use the power from the Lightning port to power their CityMix noise cancellation technology. There are four varying levels of noise cancellation, which either lets some external noise in, so you're aware of your surroundings, or blocks it out entirely. They cost around £120.

Audeze iSine10

See the Audeze iSine10 on Amazon.co.uk

Like their on-ear and over-ear brethren, the Audeze iSine10 use planar magnetic drivers in their construction and come supplied with a Lightning "Cipher" cable that you can attach to connecting to the Lightning port of your iPhone. This means you get an integrated 24-bit DAC capable of improving the quality of music, in conjunction with a dedicated app that lets you adjust the equaliser settings in real-time. They produce an incredibly well-balanced sound and let's be honest, look damn cool. But these are £300 in-ear headphones.

JBL Reflect Aware

See the JBL Relfect Aware on Amazon.co.uk

If you're someone who loves to exercise while listening to music, the JBL Reflect Aware warrant your attention. Their sports-focused design means they're water- and swear-resistant and as the name implies, they have a reflective coating that reflects light if you're out on roads in the dark, so drivers can see you. They feature noise-cancelling tech that can be turned on or off within the dedicated companion app but most importantly, they sound great, if a little bass-heavy at times. Expect to pay around £169.

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