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Best Accessories for Nintendo Switch UK

Written by  Ryan Cleeves Sep 20, 2017

Your Nintendo Switch is going to come with everything you need to get you going, but there's a lot more to this console. There's never really been a game console quite like this before, so there are some accessories available that you wouldn't normally think of needing.

Every accessory you'd need to really enjoy your Switch in every environment is listed below.

The Pro Controller

While Nintendo's new Joy-Con setup looks like a lot of fun, when I'm at home on the settee looking to spend a Saturday afternoon and ready to play, I'm going to reach for the Pro Controller.

Not only is the look and feel similar to what exists right now for the Wii U, but the Switch Pro Controller is going to offer a bigger battery and has an NFC receiver baked in for Amiibo support. It's also ready for motion controls as well, so this £58 controller will make a solid alternative when portable as well.

See at Amazon


Nyko Charge Block Pro for Nintendo Switch

If you're going to get a Pro Controller, you might as well go all in and get the nice charging dock Nyko makes for it. Normally the Pro Controller charges over USB-C, but this dock gives you a set of magnetic pins instead. You just drop the Controller in the dock when not in use, and that way it's always charged when you need it.

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Nyko is asking £13.99 for the Charge Block Pro, and it's well worth it if you plan to use the Pro Controller regularly.

See at Amazon


Extra Joy-Con Controller

Extra Joy-Con Controller

If you've been playing Minecraft: Nintendo Edition, you may have discovered that you can't split your Joy-Con controller to share with a friend in multiplayer mode. Looks like it's time to invest in that second L/R Joy-Con pack. These Joy-Cons are almost as elusive as the Switch itself, but they are still available at some places, and restock faster than the Switch.

I know, you could just get a Pro Controller instead, but I think it's a better investment to get a second pair of Joy-Cons because you can split them into four controllers for epic multiplayer games.

See at Amazon


Joy-Con Handles

Joy-Con handles

If you've been playing a lot of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with friends, you've probably already discovered that using a single Joy-Con horizontally starts to hurt your hands pretty fast. Myriann makes a cover for your Joy-Con controllers that make them more like a mini version of the Grip for each side. The horizontal design make it easy for you to access the L and R buttons, which is important for drifting and throwing items in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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The base also has grippy extensions, which give your hands a comfortable place to rest while you're racing your buddy for the top spot. Not bad for £15.99.

See at Amazon


Joy-Con Grip Kit

When they're together, Nintendo's new controllers look like a solid way to game. If you separate them so two people can play together, a single Joy-Con is just too small for me.

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Nintendo's £9 Grip Kit adds a little more body to the individual Joy-Cons and includes a slightly grippier thumb cap for the joystick. It's one more thing to carry around, which isn't ideal, but the end result will be a great deal more comfortable.

See at Amazon


Game Card Case

If you plan to buy a lot of the Switch Game Cards, you can either keep the games stored in their not-quite pocketable cases, or you can look into a £8.99 Game Card Case that lets you keep your whole library in one compact place.

HORI makes a slim Game Card Case that holds 24 games, which should take you a little while to fill up. It even has space for memory cards, just in case you need to swap.

See at Amazon


Switch Tablet Stand

Switch Tablet stand

When you've got your Switch in the dock and connected to the TV, your game time is perfect. You can grind your mats for hours without worrying about battery drain. But if you're playing in mobile mode, you've got to add some recharge time. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn't think about where the charging port is located when designing the Switch in tabletop mode.

That port is on the bottom, which is inaccessible when the Switch is propped up on a table with the kickstand. HORI's 1£10 Compact Playstand raises the Switch up off the ground with a cutout for the charging cable so you can keep your game going while it's juicing up. Plus, the stand collapses down flat so you can take it on the go without it taking up too much space.

See at Amazon


Ethernet Adapter

Some of us don't want Wi-Fi getting in the way of our online gameplay, and while Switch doesn't offer an Ethernet port in the tablet itself there's a way to make sure you're wired when connected to the dock.

This £10 USB to Ethernet adapter will keep you off of those unstable wireless connections and ready to game on a good old LAN.

See at Amazon

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