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Rophie 18W Travel Wall Charger Mini-Review Quick Charge 3.0

Written by  Sep 03, 2017

I was recently sent the Rophie 18W Travel Wall Charger to review which is available on Amazon from £13.29.

It includes a USB-C to USB-A Cable so the price of it is about right. For example, to buy the Aukey Quick Charger plus Aukey 1m cable you would be paying £14.50.

Shipping was excellent as always with Amazon, and packaging was nice and simple.

Build quality of both the cable and wall socket appear to be excellent. With the cable having a nice thick feel to it.

Rophie 18W Travel Wall Charger

In terms of performance, my Nexus 6P doesn’t show up as quick charging and using both PortaPow and Ampere this also seems to be the case.

The best I could achieve with PortaPow was 5V, 1.33A and 6.9W. From my experience, this is similar to many other chargers but it is frustrating that it is advertised as a Quick Charger

Overall, it’s not a terrible product, but seeing as it can’t do Quick Charge properly it is over priced for what it is.

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