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Apple iPhone SE and the iPad Pro: Apple’s smart mobile options

Written by  Dec 11, 2016

Tim Cook recently unveiled not one but two new iOS devices – a new iPhone and a new iPad.

The event itself was pretty dull, but the iPhone SE and new iPad Pro are really impressive.

iPhone SE

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The iPhone SE is Apple’s new budget 4-inch smartphone, and it looks like an iPhone 5S – albeit an iPhone 5S with the same colour options as the iPhone 6S.

It might look a little old on the outside, but inside it’s brand new: the innards are almost identical to the iPhone 6S, but in a smaller, small-hand-friendly case.

It has the same powerful A9 processor, the same brilliant camera and the increasingly useful Apple Pay, which is proces of £455, which is low by Apple standards, it should appeal to a lot of people.

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The new iPad Pro

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Has Apple just made the ultimate iPad? We think it might have.

The new iPad Pro is the same size as the iPad Air but it has the same power, Apple Pencil support and four-speaker sound system as the big iPad Pro – for a lot less money.

At £499 it’s a bit more expensive than the iPad Air 2, but it’s an awful lot cheaper and lighter than the enormous 12-inch iPad Pro.

It also delivers a brand new feature that Apple calls True Tone Display, which analyses the ambient lighting to make the screen colours more appropriate – so you’ll get a more bluish display under LED lighting and a warmer, more yellow display under incandescent lights. It looks really cool.

The new iPad Pro also gets the same camera as the iPhone 6S, so you get 12MP photos and 4K video recording.

In addition to Apple Pencil support and a very powerful processor, the new iPad Pro can also power USB devices such as microphones, and it has an optional Smart Cover that turns it into a laptop.

The PR images show a lot of people in offices using Microsoft Word and other business apps, and it’s clear that Apple wants to sell a lot of iPad Pros to the business market – but we think anybody with an iPad Air is looking at the new iPad Pro specs and drooling a little bit.

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The new 9.7″ iPad pro

Apple software

Apple has been testing new versions of iOS, Watch OS, OS X El Capitan and tvOS for ages, and the final versions were made available for download last night. iOS 9.3 boasts a range of improvements and the new Night Shift mode, which is supposed to stop screens from affecting your sleep. You can also pair more than one Apple Watch with your phone, which is useful if you’re rich.

WatchOS got an update too. It’s mainly bug fixes and performance tweaks but the Maps app has a revamped interface and quick buttons for getting directions for home and work. It can also locate nearby points of interest just like the iPhone app does.

The El Capitan update is also mainly about under the hood improvements, plus support for Live Photos and some tweaks to the Notes app.

Last but not least there’s tvOS 9.2, which solves some of the niggles around the most recent Apple TV. If you’re fed up typing long passwords, you’ll be delighted to know that tvOS now supports dictation and Bluetooth keyboards.

You can get the software updates by going into the App Store app on your Mac, Settings > Software Update on your iOS device, the Watch app on your iPhone or the Settings app on your Apple TV.

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