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Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB UK Review: A USB C monitor at a bargain price

Written by  Dec 20, 2016

USB-C connections are becoming more and more common on all sort of devices, so you'd think there would be more monitors catering for this type of port.

Apart from its super-fast data transfer speeds, USB-C is also capable of outputting video, which is ideal for extending your new laptop's display to a second screen, or Smartphone.

It also gives you the option of attaching a USB-C dock and adding even more connections to your monitor without having cables all over the place.

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Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB

The Philips Brilliance B-line 258B6QUEBmight just be the most flexible monitor I've ever seen. In addition to that all important USB-C port, it has more than enough alternative connections to choose from.

There is a standard HDMI, DisplayPort, dual-link DVI and VGA inputs as well as a trio of standard USB 3 ports. One of the ports support “fast charging” although it’s a lowly 1W, so don’t expect a Smartphone's charge times to be as fast as a dedicated wall adapter. There's also a headphone jack and 3.5mm audio input, plus a pair of 2W integrated speakers to boot. It's a shame that there is no second USB-C port to enable more connections for daisy-chaining.


It's highly adjustable physically too, with 130mm of height adjustment available and -5 to 20 degrees of screen tilt. It can swivel -65 to 65 degrees side to side, and can pivot 90 degrees so you can use it vertically. Its strong stand looks sleek and professional, making it an ideal fit no matter where you put it.

The Philips 258B6QUEB has an excellent panel which is equipped with a 25in, 2,560 x 1,440 IPS display; the colour calibration tests, concluded that sRGB coverage of 98.2% was pretty impressive, without any adjustment on both its 6500K and SRGB colour profiles. There's also a User Define mode that lets you tweak the colour profile manually, but I couldn't get the blue to 100%.

Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB 2

When you combine that with an excellent contrast ratio of 1,118:1 and a peak brightness of 352cd/m2, the 258B6QUEB acquits itself very well in terms of overall vibrancy and clout, making it a great option for web browsing, watching videos or document editing.

At only £405 , the Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB is a bargain. Its colour accuracy is superb across every colour mode and it has a whole range connection options. It's well worth the money.

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