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Apple Music Starts Promoting Content With GIFs

Apple Music Starts Promoting Content With GIFs

GIFs are still all the rage these days, so Apple might not necessarily be late to the game or anything, but they’ve certainly decided to go big with them in its goal to promote Apple Music content.

There are a lot of them. An entire page located at, in fact, and one can assume that Apple will continue to add new moving images from this point forward. Interestingly enough, it isn’t just new content, like the upcoming Behind the Album starring the former One Direction star, Harry Styles, but actually dates back to the first Taylor Swift commercial promoting the streaming music platform.

Here she is dancing:

And then soon after, if you’ll recall, we got to see artist Drake lip syncing to some Taylor Swift, while he worked out:

Here’s some more Taylor Swift, from a later ad:

And then we finally get caught up with the aforementioned Styles belting into that microphone:

You can check out all the GIFs that Apple has uploaded to promote Apple Music through the source link below.

[via GIPHY]

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