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What is the Amazon Echo Dot?

Written by  Nov 18, 2017

UPDATE: Amazon has since launched a new version of the Amazon Echo for 2017, alongside a new Amazon Echo Plus smart home hub and the screen-toting Amazon Echo Show.

AI assistants are the future, and every home ought to have one right now. They are capable of making your life so much easier, and al you need is to speak out commands and ask for basic information. No longer do you need to take out your smartphone just to perform basic tasks.

Right now in the UK, the Amazon Echo is the closest we get to this without stepping into Terminator territory. The only problem with the Echo is that it will prove a little too big and expensive for some. Enter the Amazon Echo Dot – a smaller and more affordable alternative.

echo dot

The Echo Dot offers almost everything the larger Echo does, but for a third of the price. It also adds some crucial features such as Bluetooth and 3.5mm output, which weren’t available before. 

The Echo would make a fantastic addition to any home, but now that its key features are available in a smaller and more affordable format, Amazon has crossed the line into must-buy territory. Every home could be improved by the addition of an Echo Dot.

Its only rival is the similarly sized (and priced) Google Home Mini, but the Amazon’s audio output makes it the better device.

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