Amazon Echo slashed to just £100, £50 off!

Amazon Echo slashed to just £100, £50 off!
After its last limited time offer was a great success, Amazon has once again discounted the price of Amazon Echo Alexa-enabled speaker to just £99.99 - that's a mighty £50 off the usual £149.99 cover price.

You can pick one up for a staggering £99.99 for a limited time.

We're not sure how long the huge discount will last, so make sure you get one quick if you're interested.

The Amazon Echo has rapidly evolved into the centre of the smarthome, not only letting you ask questions of the Alexa personal assistant that lurks within, but play music, quiz your calendar, turn on your lights, check the fuel in your Audi and a whole lot more.

The Amazon Echo is well worth the money, beating the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple into this connected space, and offering a device that's not only convenient, but a lot of fun too, because it's so simple to use.

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