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The best legal UK Kodi boxes

Written by  Ryan Cleeves Nov 23, 2017

Kodi has received negative press recently, but do remember that the Kodi software is completely legal.

What's illegal - and what you'll find in the news - is selling a box with Kodi installed and the software pre-configured to allow you to stream copyrighted video - films and TV shows - for free.

The media streamers we've reviewed here are not those devices: they do not come with Kodi pre-installed (apart from the Minix) and none are configured to allow you to watch films and TV shows through Kodi. Kodi is a free app and it is easy to install on the media streamers below.

Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remotefiretv4k2


The 2017 Fire TV costs less than its predecessor - £69.99 from Amazon - and supports 4K and HDR. It also has a fast processor and is one of the best-value streaming devices around. You can install Kodi on it, but it's not quite as easy as on some of the Android boxes here. That's because the only app store on the Fire TV is Amazon's own, so you have to download the App2Fire app first, then 'side-load' Kodi.

Amazon Fire TV 4K UHD - Full Review

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

fire stick

If £69.99 for the Fire TV is a bit rich for you, there's also the £39.99 Fire TV Stick. This HDMI dongle will sit unobtrusively behind your TV although it still needs power from a mains adaptor, or a handy spare USB port on your TV.

Like the Fire TV, installing Kodi isn't as straightforward as browsing to it in the Appstore but it's easier now that Apps2Fire exists, which allows you to beam APK files from an Android phone to your Fire TV Stick.

If you don't have an Android phone, it's possible (but fiddly) to install Kodi using the Fire TV Stick remote.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review.

Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TVnvidia shield TV


Although it's expensive at £189.99, the Nvidia Shield TV is possibly the best base for Kodi as it's so powerful. It will be fast and responsive even if you install graphically demanding skins. Plus, of course, you can use it to play games and stream them.

Since it runs Android TV, it's very easy to install Kodi from the Google Play store. Also, it supports 4K, which is useful you happen to have a 4K TV.

Nvidia TV Shield - Full Review

Minix Neo X8

Minix Neo X8


There are several Minix boxes to choose between, but the X8-H Plus is the most powerful, and you can pick it up for around £110 from Amazon

It's powerful, supporting H.265 decoding: 4K at up to 30fps, and comes with a handy keyboard remote control. Like the WeTek Core, it runs Android.

It comes with a version of Kodi installed, so you don't even need to download it from the Google Play store.

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