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Amazon is known for its amazing bargains during major sale periods and the spring back holiday in the UK is no exception.

Those of you who really want Alexa to have different voices will be happy with this latest development.

Amazon has slashed prices on many of its own devices today in the run up to Mother's Day, including the Kindle Paperwhite - one of its best eBook readers.

So which are the best available Smart speakers in the UK? After all there is plenty of choice in todays marketplace.

Amazon's Fire TV Stick and 4K Fire TV streaming devices which allow you to convert any TV into a smart one. You just plug one into a spare USB or HDMI port and connect it to the internet.

Amazon’s updated TV stick now comes with an Alexa voice-control remote, plus a quad-core processor as standard, making it much faster than its predecessor.

After launching the first and highly successful – personal assistant smart speaker, a follow-up was always going to prove a tough job for Amazon. Yet, a lower price, neater look and smaller body are all a great start for the Amazon Echo 2017 version.

Since the Echo first launched, the range has expanded. We’ve got the miniature Amazon Echo Dot, the touchscreen Amazon Echo Show – and now with the Echo Plus, Amazon is taking things one step further integrating a Zigbee hub.

UPDATE: Amazon has since launched a new version of the Amazon Echo for 2017, alongside a new Amazon Echo Plus smart home hub and the screen-toting Amazon Echo Show.

The Fire Kids Edition models are about much more than just a case that looks like an accident with some expanding foam; the real draw here is a year’s free access to an absolutely enormous amount of child-friendly apps, games and videos, as well as a no-quibble two-year warranty.


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