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One of the benefits of using a Mac is that it gives you the choice of either running macOS on its own, or installing Windows for those occasions when you need to run Windows-only apps and games.

Review: Apple takes great pride in shipping macOS annually, as regularly as clockwork.

If you're anything like us, you're now super aware of the amount of data you give companies, like Apple.

Why on earth do they take so long, 2.25gb just for iMovies and hours of waiting just to run my Macbook Pro.

Do you ever look at the amount of space used on your computer in High Sierra and know it’s completely wrong, especially after you delete some old files? This has happened to me often.

YouTube has quietly rolled out the ability to view videos with HDR on iPhone X.

It’s been long rumoured, but now it seems it really could happen: Apple really is planning to dump Intel in favour of its own processors for at least some Macs.
(Photo is Apple Watch 3)

Straight off the back of the new iPad 9.7-inch launch, usually-reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a new report saying the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4, due out later this year, will have a 15 per cent larger display.

A decade after the launch of the first iPhone, Apple has launched what it says is the phone that kickstarts the next decade for the iPhone.


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