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Developer Epic Games has confirmed that playground mode will return to Fortnite on 25th July, later today, with some new upgrades.

With online gaming hit Fornite set to make its debut on Android, malware writers are already playing on the game's hype to ensnare victims.

Nintendo Switch fans will rejoice at this news, the portable console will very soon get its own version of Fortnite. And it's free.

The creator of the smash-hit video game Fortnite is to be sued in South Korea for copyright violation.

Fortnite, a video game released with little fuss last July, is now arguably the most popular diversion in the world; a cultural juggernaut on a par with Star Wars, or Minecraft – though one now also attracting players with a $100m prize fund.

Epic Games has announced that its hugely popular battle royale game is coming to Android.


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