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PlayStation UK's Twitter account has now confirmed that, due to Amazon UK having a technical error when setting pre-orders live this morning, Amazon UK pre-orders will begin properly at 10 AM (BST) tomorrow morning (16th August at the time of writing.)

Strip a modern F1 car of all of its sponsorship decals, goes the well-worn saying I've been guilty of bandying around myself, and you'd be hard pushed to tell any two models apart.

Titan Quest is often mentioned in the same breath as Diablo, as though a long but monstrously tough rope binds them together. I'm not sure who this annoys most - Titan Quest's creators Iron Lore or even Diablo creator Blizzard itself - but suffice to say, 12 years after the isometric action role-playing game was originally released, I'm doing it, too.

I've always found good horror games to be the most immersive of all virtual experiences. A strong dose of terror laser-focuses your attention onto the illusion and causes the world outside your visor to melt away.

The BBC has launched a new, simple way for Freeview smart TV owners to restart BBC shows from the beginning, even if they come in midway through.

No Man's Sky's latest 'Next' update is the deepest reinvention of the game to date. In terms of the improved rendering tech, the addition of a third person camera, a long-awaited multiplayer mode, upgraded base building, and much more - we've come a very long way since the its original PS4 launch.

Developer Epic Games has confirmed that playground mode will return to Fortnite on 25th July, later today, with some new upgrades.

Mega Man X, the gold standard for rock solid, fast paced dashing and crashing action, is back again with another re-release.

Amazon Echo Buttons have been discounted as well as other devices in the Echo range, these are the latest pricing available for a range of Amazon's Echo devices.

We still haven’t quite concluded what makes the “work simulator” sub-genre so compelling, but Train Sim World definitely taps into it.


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