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Those of you who really want Alexa to have different voices will be happy with this latest development.

Do you ever look at the amount of space used on your computer in High Sierra and know it’s completely wrong, especially after you delete some old files? This has happened to me often.

It’s easy to be caught out by Windows updates, and I once left the house carrying an open laptop, confident that the update would finish long before the battery ran down.

Sphero has become a popular brand of remote-controlled robots, they are very well known for their Star Wars series of robots including the adorable BB-9E and BB-8.

The G613 is a strange beast. It’s a mechanical, wireless keyboard that Logitech’s pitching to gamers – a demographic notorious for clinging to latency-free wired connections.

There’s never been a better time to get into 3D printing. There are many models to choose from, countless 3D designs available online, and (most importantly) prices that keep dropping.

The most important thing to remember about hard drives is that they fail. In fact, the seven-year-old 2TB USB drive I was using to backup my desktop PC failed on Saturday.

The original HP’s Spectre 13 had the perfect balance of slick looks and a light weight design without compromising on performance, it provided the benchmark other ultraportables had to follow.

There are hundreds of routers to choose from on the market covering features and pricing to suit everyone.

UK companies are plowing money, resources and research into driverless cars in the hope they can be the first to get automated vehicles on the road.


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