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The Sony ST5000 soundbar is bold, chunky and offers some serious sound.

GoPro has long held a firm grip on the action camera market for what seems like an age. But now Sony is looking to dismantle GoPro’s dominance with an entirely new action camera – the RX0.

Despite what some quarters might want you to believe, there’s a war going on in the world of HDR televisions – and it’s a battle from which only the brightest TVs will emerge victorious.

As manufacturers prepare to release their new TVs for the upcoming year, Sony has kicked off 2017 with the delivery of its new Bravia XE93 LED LCD series.

It may be a tad old now, but way back in 2014 it was cutting edge, paving the way for wearables as we see them today.

The LF-S50G is a small and capable Bluetooth speaker with Google Assistant built in. Offering superior sound but at a higher price.

4K Blu-ray players are making a comeback but there’s still not many that can challenge the Xbox One S when it comes to pure value for money.


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