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The Asus PG27UQ lays claim to two world firsts. Not only is it the first gaming monitor to combine a 4K resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate, but it’s also the first to provide ‘proper’ HDR thanks to its 384 individual backlight zones.

Cordless is the future according to Dyson. That doesn’t mean it’s going to stop selling its existing corded models such as the Ball Animal 2, though. Well, not yet anyway.

Aimed at business people, Lenovo’s ThinkPad range has long been regarded as the gold standard in ultraportable workhorse laptops.

Everyone loathes vacuuming and sweeping their floors, that is why we have seen this massive boom in robot vacuums. iRobot Roomba started the trend way back in 2002, but with the Roomba 980 costing around £900 there is plenty of room for competing brands to offer affordable alternatives.

Amazon’s tablets may not be the last word in power or luxury but they do the job and models like the Amazon Fire HD 8 make great gifts for children. It helps, too, that Amazon continues to improve the tablets year on year and in 2018 that trend is continuing with a handful of small updates to Amazon’s middle child tablet.

Many phone owners are loyal to their operating system, with Android and iPhone users equally as protective over their favourite software.

The great thing about Amazon Prime Video is that it’s totally free for all Amazon Prime customers. That is to say, if you already pay Amazon £79 a year or £7.99 a month for its unlimited one-day delivery service, then you already have access to the video streaming library.

Chromebooks have greata appeal. Secure, cheap and portable, they’re a compelling alternative to Windows laptops. They also suffer from none of those annoying Windows Update problems: you can pick one up after months and it will just work.

Looking for a tablet that can convert into a laptop for working on the go? The iPad Pro and Microsoft’s various Surface devices have shown how the idea can work, but Android users have been left out in the cold.

Smartwatches often do a poor impersonation of classic timepieces. Sure, they’re roughly the same shape, but chunky design and computer screens mean you’re as likely to mistake a smartwatch for a Rolex.


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